KENKO CARE Tooth Cleaner



Product Description

Tooth Cleaner made by silicone rubber contained with abrasive (magnesium oxide) that can scrub lightly to remove tarnish and stains on pet dog teeth.
The handle is bend at a 15° and brush is detachable brings to scrub two different angles.
One replaceable spare cleaner is included.



Materials / Handle and Cleaner Holder: ABS resin, Cleaner: Silicon rubber (containing magnesium oxide)
Size / 18 x 145 x 7 (mm)
Weight / 4.0 (g)
JAN / 4947651903006

How to use

Use the cleaner to scrub lightly a few times to remove stains from tooth surfaces.
Wipe off any saliva or moisture from your pet dog’s teeth before use.

◆When attaching the cleaner, make sure it is inserted firmly so it does not come off during use.◆

[Recommended to use once a week to get the clean result. Refrain from excessive use.]

★Regular Vet Check-Ups for your pet dog is recommended★


*This is not a toy, do not let your pet dog chew on this cleaner.
*Please be careful not to hurt your pet dog’s mouth.
*Do not use this cleaner for purposes other than pet dog’s oral care.
*Please be careful not to let your pet dog bite you when using that their teeth.
*The adapter hole where the cleaner head is installed will loosen after a period of use. In this case, please purchase and replace with a new holder.
*If the edge of the cleaner become rounded and difficult to clean, do replace with a new one.
*After use, wash and dry the cleaner well and store it in a clean and safe place.
*Keep out of reach of infants.