Oral hygiene for people,
dogs and cats

MIND UP products support oral care


MindUp is a manufacturer of oral care brands for people, dogs and cats.

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Thought in MIND UP Corporation

MIND UP Corp. was established with the intention of providing a place where people can grow and progress as much as possible. We know the “to improve mind always” that is inherent in human nature make today will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.

Our founder, Satoshi Yamamura expressed this “to improve mind always” made “MIND UP” in English, and he believed that if we explain concept of “MIND UP” in the future, it will be accepted overseas as well, so he named “MIND UP” to the company name. And he hope our staff carry out our business activities with this mind.

We would like to keep our gratitude, do humble activities, and continue to create many shining smiles that gather at our company.

We believe that the good thought (Love of humanity, friendship, compassion etc.) that human beings possess are universal. A company that can provide a place where people can enjoy both economic and spiritual satisfaction. We hope to grow into such a company and have summarized the following corporate philosophy as a guideline for decision making.

Thought in MIND UP Corporation

<Corporate Philosophy>
Creative activities with flexible ideas
Contributing to society through the products and services we provide
Enriching the minds and economies of the people involved in our company

The theme of our product development is “awareness,” and we will continue to propose both messages that the functions to provide finely segmented creative demand other than products.

Corporate Philosophy